Golf Club of Dublin is proud to partner with Kyle Morris and The Golf Room this year on golf instruction and clinics!

Become your BEST, with the BEST coaches, BEST technology, and BEST training environment. The Golf Room, Central Ohio's BEST player development facility.Traditional golf lessons have a history of failing to create lasting change. The Golf Room strives to be different in create a lasting change in your golf game, fusing traditional thought with a revolutionary, modern approach to ensure your development and constant growth as a player.

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The Golf Room is home to Kyle Morris, ranked by Golf Digest #1 Instructor in Ohio as well as being named as “One of the Best Young Instructors in America”. As well as “Top 50 Fitness professionals in America” Lindsay Becker, and finally performance coach to pro’s, Dr. Todd Kays. Finally TGR holds a special collaboration with Vision54, coaches to four  #1 players in the world, winners of 9 majors, and over 200 PGA and LPGA events. The Golf Room, helping you become your BEST.

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